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Educations.com可以帮助您轻松找到理想的海外留学项目 。通过关键字符如专业、国家/区域、项目类型(学历、学位、博士等)的设定,网站独特的教育搜索引擎可以搜索到全球大部分教育项目。您甚至可以在项目介绍的页面上发送个人信息与相应学校取得联系并进一步索取相关信息。



I’m currently working as Online Marketing Manager at Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. It means I’m responsible for guiding a traditional luxury brand into the digital age. I think back fondly to my time at the Brand Academy. The advantages of a small campus and small seminar groups are really paying off now. The practically-aligned and interactive lectures ...
Sono arrivata qui a Marzo per effettuare un corso intensivo e mi sono trovata fin da subito benissimo con lo staff che è sempre molto disponibile, i professori altamente preparati e sensibili alle esigenze di ogni studente. Gli stessi studenti e la città di Murcia, che in questo periodo primaverile dà il meglio di sè con le sue feste tradizional...
Everybody knows that is very hard to enter an accredited Medical Faculty in Europe and even harder to enter to a Dental School. I did it, I get 100% at the entrance exams of Dental Faculty of Comenius in Bratislava thanks to ICB. The teaching and the support during the year I spent in ICB was more than enough to reach my goal.