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Educations.com可以帮助您轻松找到理想的海外留学项目 。通过关键字符如专业、国家/区域、项目类型(学历、学位、博士等)的设定,网站独特的教育搜索引擎可以搜索到全球大部分教育项目。您甚至可以在项目介绍的页面上发送个人信息与相应学校取得联系并进一步索取相关信息。



On the MIB, I not only learned about design, technology, mobile, legal, assessment and creating start-ups, etc., but also about the impact caused by digital disruption in other sectors; things I learned from my Master’s Degree colleagues. There is nothing more gratifying than continuing to learn and contribute to the profitability of digital me...
I chose to study at SCU Gold Coast because I liked the idea of studying in a new, modern facility that was also situated in a beautiful part of the world, just across the road from the beach. We have the best of both worlds - access to a great education, resources and connectivity as well as being perfectly located to experience the vibrant life...
Living a student life is not easy, especially when you are an international student. Having to manage studies, work and social life can be a bit intimidating. Therefore, understanding the process of how to maintain the work life balance is important. I am glad to say that with help from the career services team, it really worked out well for me....