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学生评论Charles Darwin University

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CDU is an excellent University to learn and grow. It pushes the students to not only focus on the study but also on extra activities like volunteering, community building and networking which help them both to build up their personality and professionality. They care for their students as their own. I support CDU.

Sanjaya Paneru

CDU was not my first choice of University, but when I came here and started my new journey with CDU, it has been my family. All the staffs, lecturers, and students from different nationalities are so generous, kind, and helpful. The sound environment away from traffic, eco-friendly surroundings, and fully facilitated building makes me spend more...


The campus is uniquely charming and enjoyable. The beach is just several minutes walk away, and the environment is so green and serene. Here, I also found myself deeply connected to the people surrounding me. it seems the small tight-knit community brought the best out of us sharing the land together. My study journey here has provided me with o...


The course offers amazing practical units where students can learn about how things work in real work. Also, students can specialize in various areas by the end of the degree.

Kalyani Pawar

I was very eager to study but also wasn't sure if I can invest time and money in it, but today If I look back, I do not regret my decision at all. From my admission to my last semester, CDU was so easy and smooth for me. The lectures during the pandemic, online classes, assessments, knowledge, and opportunities are something that I can't express...


I really enjoy studying at Charles Darwin University. In here I can get various job opportunity around the NT and get professional career development from the uni. Darwin people are really friendly to the international students I always can find interesting things here,

Maggie Law

Master of Teaching is a very comprehensive and practical course that prepares you to become a teacher after graduation. Both the theory-based study and practical placements have provided me with skills, knowledge and practices to become a competent teacher. I highly recommended this course to those who are interested in the field of teaching.


At the risk of sounding clichéd, the slogan ‘You Make CDU’ gives me the vibe of a welcoming community that treats all students equally, regardless of nationality


Lecturers and the tutors along with its course structure have been the best things for me studying at CDU. They have been immensely helpful and flexible whilst helping me to achieve my academic goals.


It’s a two-way education, educators here listen to us as much as we listen to them, so classroom experiences are amazing. I’ve also made a lot of friends through our regular group assignments or projects


CDU student groups, the student ambassador program and non-profit organisations are some of the many options available for university students to volunteer and get engaged with the local community and other students.


The staff at the international student office, Student Central and IT team were very approachable and supportive. They acted amazingly and extremely efficiently to amend any problems.

Shuk Fai L.

This course is well organized in providing pre-service teachers with skills in comprehensive teaching in all areas in primary education. As an internal student, I have attended both the face-to-face classes and online classes. All lecturers are well prepared with their teaching materials, teach students with professional and friendly attitude. M...


This course has been very instrumental, the subjects relate very well to the reality of the business industry. I am happy to have completed this with Charles Darwin University, many opportunities have arisen from studying the course meeting employers through it.


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