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教育项目- 康泰纳仕大学时尚与设计学院

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大美容周末在线 London(伦敦)
康泰纳仕时尚传播证书 London(伦敦)
康泰纳仕时尚媒体证书 London(伦敦)
康泰纳仕时装营销证书 London(伦敦)
奢侈品牌管理硕士 London(伦敦)
时尚传播文凭 London(伦敦)
时尚基金会计划 London(伦敦)
时尚青少年周末-仅适用于16-17岁 London(伦敦)
时装业证书 London(伦敦)
文学士(荣誉)时尚传播与行业实践 London(伦敦)
文学硕士创业:时尚与创意产业 London(伦敦)
文学硕士时尚传播 London(伦敦)
文学硕士时尚媒体策略 London(伦敦)
文学硕士时尚新闻 London(伦敦)
夏季时尚强化班 London(伦敦)
一周时尚新闻 London(伦敦)
一周时尚造型 London(伦敦)
一周时装业务 London(伦敦)
在线:创意指导 London(伦敦)
在线:商业与创业:时尚、媒体与创意产业 London(伦敦)
在线:时尚品牌与传播 London(伦敦)
在线:时尚造型 London(伦敦)
在线:数字内容创作 London(伦敦)
MA奢侈品牌战略与业务 London(伦敦)
MA时尚媒体创意方向 London(伦敦)
MA时尚造型 London(伦敦)
One Week Creative Direction London(伦敦)
Vogue Business Intensive Course London(伦敦)

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Information sessions

Online Insights courses live Q&A information session

This live online Q&A session with Course Leaders, is a great way to find out more about the Insights Online Courses and ask any questions you might have.

During the event you can hear our expert Course Leaders who will explain the content of the course, and how what you will learn will benefit you and how you can apply this knowledge for future careers, you will also learn about industry guest speakers who contribute to live sessions as part of the course, and more.

Our current graduates will talk about their experience of studying on these courses, share insights and tips, give details about projects and assignments they worked on and answer any questions you might have.

The events will cover the following courses:

Fashion Styling
Fashion & The Future of Brands
Digital Content Creation
Creative Direction
Business & Entrepreneurship: Fashion, Media & Creative Industries


迄今:   2022/6/29    时刻:   16:00 - 17:30   Learn more



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Industry best connected college in London

World class fashion media education with personalised approached to learning

Over 90 nationalities studying with us


  • Our MAs are internationally recognised qualification validated by the University of Buckingham, worth 180 credits at QCF level 7
  • MA Luxury Brand Management is an internationally recognised qualification validated by Richmond, The American International University in London, worth 180 credits at QCF level 7
  • Our BA (Hons) Fashion Communication degree programme is validated by the University of Buckingham


平均评级 4.6

基于 63 条评论

The degree is very intense and you can’t let your concentration slip for a minute but it’s so worth it. The industry speakers the College attracts are of such a high calibre that it’s easy to stay focused because they’re so fascinating. We heard from really big names and had the chance to ask them questions and get their insight. They really wan...
I knew from a very early age that Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design was somewhere I wanted to be. I feel like the College has made me who I am in terms of knowledge and employability. The lecturers are all genuine experts with amazing experience and skill and you can learn so much from them. What’s more, they’re so well connected that if yo...
In six weeks I learned how to interpret images and now I am reading magazines with different eyes. I have also started to take inspiration literally from everything around me. I learned how to source ideas and how important it is to feed our creativity to keep it alive. I highly recommend taking course.



16–17 Greek Street
W1D 4DR London
United Kingdom


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基于 63 条评论