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学生评论ESIC Business & Marketing School

平均评级 4.8

基于 6 条评论

It is the best university school in Marketing and Business. Innovative, practical and consistent. It is undoubtedly the best center to study your degree.
ESIC's Publicity and Public Relations degree is, if not the best, one of the best. Practical, anchored in reality and with a faculty of teachers with extensive knowledge in the sector.
A school very focused on Management and Marketing, with teachers dedicated to 100%.
I studied here and I have a very good opinion of the university, the facilities are excellent. maybe the only problem is that it's hard to park at certain hours but you always find somewhere even if you have to go far away and the teachers are very good. I also recommend the workshops and the masters, that is what I am studying at the moment.
ESIC is a great university to study marketing and business studies, you can end up working for a big company. They have great teachers, teachers with a lot of experience and great curriculum, the environment. Ideal for studying marketing
One of the best Business Schools in Spain, the difference lies in the quality of the teaching staff and the specialization in Marketing! After having studied two careers and a Master of Digital Marketing, I recommend it 100%!


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