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学生评论Institut Paul Bocuse

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K. Senties
Institut Paul Bocuse is one big family united by the same passion for gastronomy.
P. Desvaux
The Institute has allowed me to follow a career on 3 continents, obtain dual French and American citizenship and work for some of the top chefs in the world.
E. Guérard
The students at Institut Paul Bocuse have inquiring and intelligent minds. They are mobile and agile, from both an intellectual and professional perspective.
B. Olthof
Over the years, many Institut Paul Bocuse students and graduates have joined Hilton in various strategic roles. What sets them apart is their desire to learn and work to the utmost of their ability in order to put their skills to good use. In addition, they are capable of building authentic relationships, showing sincerity in the way they unde...

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