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IPTA - 国际个人培训学院

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认证的私人教练 Marbella(马贝拉)
认证的私人教练 - 女性 Marbella(马贝拉)
认证营养学家 Marbella(马贝拉)


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IPTA - 国际个人培训学院




Robin   |   2017/6/23
I am currently working as a PT in Stockholm and very happy with this education that equipped me with the tools needed to succeed in my new role. All in all, I was greatly impressed by the high quality during my stay in Marbella. I also developed new friendships and keep in touch with some of my fellow course mates to this day.
Jennifer   |   2017/6/23
This is an education of high quality and with very dedicated and inspiring teachers. It were two really great weeks in Marbella with a wonderful group of motivated students and very instructive hours at the academy and at the gym. The spanish climate is also wonderfuI. I highly recommend IPTA!
Roua   |   2017/6/23
This education is very rewarding. The trainers are highly skilled and inspirational. You meet students who are motivated, positive and passionate about fitness & health. You get a whole new outlook and vision about fitness. Simply said this education was an experience that I would definitely like to do live again.