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巴塞罗那LCI学校是巴塞罗那的设计,创意和创新学校,该校所属的加拿大网络LCI Education拥有23个校园,遍布全球五大洲,巴塞罗那在国际上的知名度最高。在LCI教育与Felicidad Duce时装学校结盟之后,LCI巴塞罗那已成为创意产业设计和管理教育领域的参考者,吸引了每年来自世界各地的学生,他们希望成为最好的和有竞争力的专业人士行业。

去年,LCI Barcelona收购了Seeway School,以巩固图形设计领域并增加了三个新的教育领域:动画,视频游戏设计和摄影

LCI Barcelona的学术范围非常广泛,包括时装,图形,室内和产品设计学士学位,平面和数字设计高级文凭,2D和3D动画,视频游戏设计和数字摄影,官方,双学位和私人硕士学位和研究生学位,在线课程,专业课程,制版课程和暑期课程。


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LCI Barcelona offers students the possibility of maximizing their talent and creative capacity to begin to achieve their goals and everything they set out to do. All the programs taught pursue the same objective: to provide quality teaching that guarantees student empowerment through theoretical and practical knowledge and opens doors to the world of work with a guarantee of success.

Why you should study with us?

Because of the internationality that brings the LCI Education Network, a strong relationship between the school and companies, professors with professional experience, the exclusive Portfolio platform that allows students and alumni to give visibility to their projects and get in contact with recruiters and the Learning By Doing methodology, committed to practical training based on the project culture and design thinking.

巴塞罗那LCI在出国留学的十大国家中 Top 10 Europe rankings 2021 Top 10 Europe rankings 2020 badge


The LCI Barcelona campus has 3,500 square meters on two floors with a total of 31 classrooms. It has multipurpose spaces, which allow very diverse uses, and other more specialized ones such as the TecnoFab, the AulaLab, the FotoLabs, the computer rooms, etc. In its more than 700 square meters of common spaces, students have all the services and amenities: library, cafeteria and exhibition area, in addition to the Agora, the center of social activity for the LCI Barcelona community.


LCI Barcelona is a member of LCI Education, a Canadian network present on the 5 continents that now boasts 23 higher education campuses and a staff of nearly 3000 workers, dedicated to teaching 17,000 students around the globe yearly.


LCI Barcelona, the European campus of the LCI Education network, offers students the opportunity to prepare for the professional world in what is considered the fourth most creative city in the world. According to the Survey on the Barcelona City Brand report prepared by BCD, the Catalan capital is the ideal place to study for its wealth and diversity, as well as for the friendliness of its people.


The School has collaboration agreements with student residences and other types of accommodation that offer preferential conditions to LCI Barcelona students. When you formalize your enrollment, you will obtain a guide that includes all the information in this regard and you will have the advice of the center's professionals.



Balmes 209
08006 Barcelona Catalonia


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