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Akogwu Elaigwu

The University of Groningen keeps to excellence and sets the pace, even as one of the world's world-class oldest universities.


I am currently in my third year of IRIO and I would have that say the diversity is what I like most about the program. You really learn how to look at an international issue or process from all different perspectives like the juridical, economical or political.


Having come from the BA International Relations and International Organisation, the MA programme is a great way to specialise in a specific topic within the field. Where the BA degree is very broad and you learn about the general themes of IR, the masters allows you to go deeper into a specific field of interest, but still in a very interdiscipl...


I really enjoyed studying BSc Psychology at the University of Groningen! I loved that we had practical courses where we learnt interview techniques, communication skills and group dynamics, as well as having a large focus on research methods and skills. I enjoyed the variety of really unique courses in the third year. However, my cohort was larg...


I completed the MSc Human-Machine Communication (which is in the department of Artificial Intelligence) at the University of Groningen in 2016. It's a great program because it's flexible in allowing you to take the master in a number of different directions, whether you're more interested in cognitive neuroscience, modelling, engineering, lingui...

J. Riede

This prestigious master program characterizes itself by a lot of hands on research and active training in all the skills needed to proceed as PhD in the neurosciences. Great quality and flexibility.


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