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HZ University of Applied Sciences 位于荷兰西南部,位于荷兰海岸,拥有 5000 名学生,其中 500 名是国际学生。 HZ 以在过去 11 年中被评为中型应用科学大学前 3 名而自豪,确保为我们的学生提供最高质量的教育,同时保持个性化的方法。

HZ 在您的学士学习期间有 2 次实习和 1 次国外辅修,为您的职业生涯的成功开始做好准备。在个人学习教练和公司导师的指导下,我们 71% 的毕业生找到了工作,25% 的毕业生进一步攻读硕士学位。




教育项目- HZ应用科技大学

教育项目 位置
工业工程管理 米德尔堡
国际商务 Vlissingen(弗利辛恩)
化学 米德尔堡
旅游管理 Vlissingen(弗利辛恩)
全球项目与变更管理 米德尔堡
三角洲发展 米德尔堡
水管理 米德尔堡
土木工程 米德尔堡
物流工程 Vlissingen(弗利辛恩)
信息通讯技术 米德尔堡


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Ernesto P.

In the HZ i’ve had the opportunity to discover and develop my strenghts in the business world. Throughout my first 2 years, all of my teachers were extremely responsive to all of our questions, and our classrooms where almost never bigger than 27 students, which allowed for the classes to be much more interactive. Now i’m in my internship seme...

Débo D.

Becoming an HZ student was the best decision I made to continue my studies. Already graduated in France in Water management, I wanted to follow courses in water ecology in an international environment to reach my dream career goal: working on marine ecology and biology. I am currently doing a two-years fast-track program. My first year focus...


In my final years at high school I knew I wanted to study a speciality related to the natural sciences. Searching the Internet for international universities, I came across the 4-year Bachelor in Water Management at HZ University of Applied Sciences. Important in my decision was the fact that, as we all know, the Netherlands is said to be the be...


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HZ University of Applied Sciences

Edisonweg 4
4382 NW Vlissingen
the Netherlands

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